Data Recovery Service

Data Recovery Service

Computronics is engaged in providing matchless Data Recovery Service. Data recovery is our specialty, which is very unique & requires special knowledge. We have highly trained professional technicians to retrieve lost data from hard drives and various other media due to natural and unnatural causes. We use sophisticated hardware and software tools, which will ensure the safety and integrity of your media while repairing mechanical and electrical problems in-house & is prepared to deal with your data recovery crises any time - day or night because we understand the importance of your data to your business. However for emergency, we charge a prerequisite fee.

We have a long history of dealing with various capacities, models, types of different company's hard-drives & software problems. Our work starts from where your work has stopped!!

We have the reputation of making what seems impossible to possible. We also offer recovery from mechanical failure, natural disaster, sabotage, deleted / corrupted files, human error and computer virus.

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